Arrow shot into the middle of the target with the words "Goal Zero" above the target

ZERO is the only goal at Eagle Energy Services, LLC. Goal ZERO must be our target along with our client’s expectation as well. Eagle Energy Services, LLC is proud to display our statistics for the 2022 calendar year as our project executions for our clients reached the pinnacle of GOAL ZERO! Eagle’s TRIR for the past 3 years is ZERO. It takes each and every employee to make a daily commitment to reach this goal.

At Eagle Energy Services LLC, SAFETY is not only a core value, but it is also a priority. When safety is a core value, hazard recognition and risk assessments are engrained and interwoven into all of our operations and functional support teams. Additionally, SAFETY becomes a priority to our organization when conflict with another competing priority arises such as schedule or cost. Safety must not be compromised against any other priority and must be valued across the board as our bedrock of existence as an organization.

Hierarchy of Controls Diagram.
Most Effective to Least Effective:
Engineering Controls
Administrative Controls
Safety Diagram.
1. Observe Behavior
2. Analyze Data
3. Generate Solution
4. Change Behavior
5. Evaluate

Eagle Energy’s Behavior Based Safety (BBS) program is an evidence-based initiative that encourages workers to take an active role in their own safety. This program emphasizes identifying and correcting any unsafe behaviors that could lead to an incident, injury, or illness. BBS is based on the Proactive Risk Assessment Model, which uses data-driven analysis to identify safety issues and prioritize corrective actions. The program also provides employees with the necessary knowledge, motivation, and training to make safe decisions and enact behavior changes.