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integrity & excellence value statement

INTEGRITY and EXCELLENCE are common words tossed like salad into value statements that companies want to be associated with…  Eagle is no exception in that association; however, it requires much more than that.  Similar to SAFETY as a value and priority for our organization that are engrained and interwoven throughout our operations, INTEGRITY and EXCELLENCE are fibers of our being as well. These values are measured daily by the decisions we make and the relationships we are entrusted with.  This requires our daily decisions to meet the highest standard of integrity while delivering upon our services that add affordable, efficient, and reliable value without compromising excellence in craftsmanship and execution. 

In laymen terms, our decisions and actions must be the same whether or not anyone is looking.  We are who we are, and transparency is evident in our speech and conduct.  Eagle soars with this slogan: “Partnering in Excellence, We Fly High Above the Rest”.  The reality is Its only marketing propaganda if our actions don’t demonstrate such.  Eagle is held to a creed of doing the right thing, even if it has to cost Eagle on a profit margin.  As an owner of Eagle Energy Services, I will not place profit over people.  Genuine relationships are core to our business and are the heartbeat of our reputation as a company.   – Mark

Safety value statement

At Eagle Energy Services LLC, SAFETY is not only a core value, but it is also a priority. When safety is a core value, hazard recognition and risk assessments are engrained and interwoven into all of our operations and functional support teams. Additionally, SAFETY becomes a priority to our organization when conflict with another competing priority arises such as schedule or cost. Safety must not be compromised against any other priority and must be valued across the board as our bedrock of existence as an organization.

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Eagle Energy Services, LLC is an energy infrastructure general contractor. Eagle specializes in construction and maintenance servicing pipelines and facilities across multiple states in the southeast U.S. Eagle Energy Services, LLC was founded in April 2020 and is based out of Beaumont, Texas. Eagle’s young tenure is in name only. The two co-owners of Eagle Energy Services have combined service experience of over 50 years in the energy industry with an impeccable safety record. The employees and crews of Eagle provide a legacy of experience working together over decades servicing the same clients under different organizations. The Eagle has landed and is gathering many familiar faces and clients. At Eagle Energy Services LLC, we are excited about Eagle’s foundation of experienced teams coupled with new vision that continues to build valued relationships esteemed in trust and integrity for a dynamic and transitioning energy future ahead.

John cunningham


John Cunningham is partner and CEO of Eagle Energy Services, LLC.  John was raised in a family construction business and was operating heavy equipment before he was eligible for his first driver’s license.  John has 30-years’experience in construction and maintenance of facilities and pipelines fulfilling almost every discipline in the field from general laborer, equipment operator, construction manager to a certified welder.  John’s inherent and genuine leadership qualities have built long-lasting relationships with his clients that spans over decades through multiple organizations.  It is John’s unwavering character devoted in principle of delivering superior customer care and services to his clients that inspired his vision to found Eagle Energy Services LLC.  John’s inspiration and vision was contagious and energized one of his longstanding clients to join Eagle’s organization as a partner.              

mark collins


Mark Collins is partner and CFO of Eagle Energy Services, LLC.  Mark embarked upon his career in the energy sector in 1993 spanning employment between just two companies over three decades - Merisol USA, LLC and Buckeye Partners, LP.  Mark was married the same year and celebrates 30-years in marriage and a career of experience in plant, pipeline, and terminal operations. Mark entered the industry into field operations, maintenance, and technical service roles.  Over three decades he progressed into leadership roles over functional departments in project management, regulatory compliance, HSSE, and senior operations leadership presiding over seven states.  It was John Cunningham who safely executed superior general contractor services for over a decade to Mark and his teams.  In 2022, Mark partnered with John in the vision of Eagle Energy Services.